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09 Oct 2017 

Dating truths for women

Women also need to take use of some dating tips. Here are the 6 dating truths that women need to hear, but they don`t want to. If a woman will withhold sex this won`t mean that a man will commit. This will make the woman more of a “catch” for the man. It is usually the opposite effect that they desire. They think that guys that are just in for the sex will walk away. This doesn`t happen though. There are a lot of terrible guys that are willing to deal with frustration in order to get laid. They wait a long period of time until they get laid. As the time goes by, they get more irritated about their experience.

Sex should never be used as a tool. You never need to rush things, but you will need to have sex when you are ready, not when you think the guy wants to. Another truth is that if you create or seek drama, the guys will be pushed away. The emotional rollercoaster of drama can be really addictive. You may think that this is a great idea, but in the long run, it may cause serious damage to both you and your partner. Any man that respects himself and also his partner doesn`t want to deal with drama.

The partner isn`t turned off by your looks, he is turned off by your perception of your looks. Men don`t say that the woman they are with looks bad. The problems comes up when their girlfriends start to beat themselves up about their physical appearance. It pains them to always listen to their woman complain about the way she looks. You should take into consideration that your own opinion regarding you affects your partner.

Most of your male friends will like you or want to sleep with you. This is terrible but this is usually how things work. You shouldn`t use his interest in you in order to validate yourself. You shouldn`t be flirting with him and you don`t need to give him false hope. It is better to tell a guy directly that you would prefer to remain friends. If he truly feels something for your relationship, he will focus on other women. You should also know that it is pretty normal for a man to watch porn. You shouldn`t feel jealous. It doesn`t mean that he loves you less.

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