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05 Aug 2017 

The importance of the break from the couple

Not many people might understand how important it is sometimes a
break in the couple. If you are among these people, it would be well to
read this article and understand what I wanted to write here. I'll give a
few reasons for that break in the couple is important and I'll tell you
briefly why I say these things. I'm not an expert in relationships, but
I write from my own experience, but also from the experiences of others
who were telling me what a break he saved the relationship or he did
not be so stressed out.

1. The arguments too often

When you can't understand of any kind with your partner, you'd better
take a break. Can have a very positive effect on you, and you need some
peace. Most of the times, to sit by yourself and meditate on the edge
of a subject can be the best choice you can make. Don't be afraid to
share with your partner your desire, if indeed you, will understand you

2. I don't know how you feel exactly

Sometimes the habit becomes more powerful than love, and in this case
it would be better to reflect and you exactly know how you feel. How
can you do this the best? Take a break and think well at what you do and
why you sit next to the person next to you. After you feel that you
have reflected enough, share your's and your partner's the conclusion
you reached.

3. Appears another person in your life

When you run after two hares at the same time, you have the best
chances to lose them both. So, if you think another person can steal my
heart, don't try to be involved in two relationships at the same time
because you won't reach any common ground. 

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